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Dr. Amy Tomlinson's Unique Solo Practice

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Individualized Care
  • Single Point of Contact: Enjoy a consistent and dedicated healthcare experience with direct correspondence from Dr. Amy Tomlinson.
  • Always Available: Dr. Amy Tomlinson ensures continuous care by checking messages daily, even during vacations.
  • Direct Communication: All communications and inquiries are personally handled by Dr. Amy Tomlinson. You can reach out via text, email, or our secure portal for attentive service.
  • Personalized Care in Comfortable Settings: Dr. Amy Tomlinson manages all appointments directly, providing individualized care without a traditional front desk. All locations feature welcoming waiting rooms.
Practice Enviorment
  • One Room, Two Chairs, Direct Focus: The practice’s single-room setup provides a concentrated and personal healthcare setting without additional staff. This environment allows for meaningful conversations, uncovering the root of issues, and crafting personalized treatment plans together.
Insurance Considerations
  • Verify Coverage: Some insurance plans may not cover annual appointments or specific services. Please check with your insurance company to understand what is and isn’t covered.
  • Blue Cross and Anthem Policy: These insurance providers do not allow an annual visit and a problem visit to be done on the same day. If you have a specific issue, it’s best to address that first.
  • Included in an Annual Visit: Healthcare counseling, screening referrals (such as bone density tests, mammograms, and colonoscopies), Pap collection if needed, and medication refills.
  • Not Included in an Annual Visit: New problem evaluations, particularly those concerning mood, hormones, perimenopause, menopause, pain, or abnormal periods.
  • Note: Bloodwork (such as cholesterol checks) and STD testing may not be covered. Verify this with your insurance provider if you plan to have these tests done.
Important Reminders
  • Annual Exam Coverage: Many insurance companies cover annual exams at no cost, but always confirm with your provider.
  • Problem Visits: Address any new or ongoing health issues in a separate visit to ensure proper care and insurance coverage.
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Access cutting-edge healthcare with guaranteed exposure to the latest medical advancements, ensuring progressive and advanced care.

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Empowering Solutions

Your partner for collaborative decision-making. Dr. Amy Tomlinson is committed to empowering you with informed choices for your well-being.

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Nurturing Wellness

Experience compassionate care, where your health is tended to with empathy, unwavering dedication, and a firm commitment to your overall wellness.