Frequently Asked Questions

For any further questions or to schedule your consultation, please visit our Contact page.

How do I reach Dr. Amy Tomlinson?

Appointments can be scheduled online through our website link -

Schedule Your Appointment

or directly through our patient portal, “Charm” -

Access your account in the Patient Portal

The Charm portal invitation will be emailed to you once you set up your account and your appointment is confirmed. The portal provides access to your lab results, appointment notes, and to message or text Dr. Tomlinson privately.  

You may also text Dr. Tomlinson at the office number 970.274.1102 or email her at but these messages are not HIPAA secure.  

Where do you see patients?

We have 3 convenient office loctions:  

Summit County: Frisco at 965 N. Ten Mile Dr, Suite A1, Frisco, Colorado 80443. In Drake Landing.  

Chaffee County: Buena Vista  28350 County Rd 317 # 3, Buena Vista, CO 81211 In the King Chiropractic Office

Eagle County:  Edwards at 128 Main St C-5 (Inside A Wrinkle In Time) Edwards, CO 81632 at the Riverwalk

We also offer the convenience of virtual visits for anyone throughout the state of Colorado. Telemedicine has grown into a very effective method of receiving treatment for many services. It is especially convenient for hormone consultations and for follow-up visits.

At what offices do you offer pellet therapy?
At what offices do you offer GYN care including non-pellet hormone therapy?
How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Amy Tomlinson?

Both online/telemed and in-person visits are scheduled through the "Schedule Your Appointment" buttons on the website or through this link.

Select a virtual visit if you want an online visit.

Established patients can also schedule their appointments directly through the Charm patient portal.

If you're having trouble scheduling your visit you may call us at 970.274.1102 or email us at

We look forward to seeing you!

What medical insurance plans do you accept?

We are IN NETWORK for:


- Blue Cross / Anthem

- Cigna

- Healthfirst

- Humana

- Lucent


- Multiplan

- Rocky Mountain

- United Healthcare

We currently are "OUT OF NETWORK" and require patients to pay in full for:

- Tricare

What services don't you offer?


While Dr. Tomlinson loves delivering babies, it is nearly impossible to render OB services as a solo provider.  


Surgical outcomes are optimal when surgery is performed by high-volume surgeons who conduct the specific procedure on a regular basis. It's best for you as a patient to have surgery with a doctor who operates multiple times per week rather than one who operates only a few times per month (as is typical for providers in small towns). Even hysterectomies are performed as outpatient day surgery these days!

We can recommend a surgeon and coordinate care depending on your unique needs. In most cases, your surgeon would not need to repeat the testing that was already completed with our office (such as labs, ultrasounds, and biopsies).

Do you provide abortions?

Yes we do.

Medical abortions using oral medications can be used up to 11 weeks gestation, while surgical abortions (D&C) may be used up to 12 weeks gestation.

For those seeking an abortion under 18 years old, there is a parental notification law in Colorado to abide by. If for any reason you don't feel safe with your parents' involvement, you may seek a judicial bypass.

Our fees are $250 for a medical termination (using pills) or $450 for a surgical termination.

Financial assistance is available.

What are your options for a sedated examination or procedure?

Unless you have a medical contraindication for NSAID (which includes a history of ulcers and gastric bypass surgery), we recommend taking naproxen 220 mg (Aleve) OTC 1 hour before your appointment. This typically alleviates pain, and also helps to prevent uncomfortable hormonal surges.

We require a meeting prior to your scheduled sedated visit either in the office or online through telemed. During that meeting, we discuss options and collaborate together on a plan that will make you the most comfortable. We counsel about your needs and the procedure that is indicated to help resolve your specific condition. At that meeting we can also discuss other elements of an annual wellness visit, discuss birth control options, and anything else you need support with.

Sedation options include:

  • Nitrous oxide (ie laughing gas) which is easily administered through a mask similar to what a dentist offers
  • One-time premedication doses of valium & propranolol (for anxiety control) and oxycodone (for pain relief)

Please note that if you are sedated with medication you will be required to have a friend or family member to drive you to and from your office appointment.

How do you treat people with a history of trauma?

Trauma can be stressful when anticipating gynecologic care.

We offer separate visits to discuss your specific issues and then at a later time to have your exam or procedure.

We limit exams to only when they are absolutely required. For example, screening pap smears are recommended every 3-5 years, and you do not require a pelvic exam the years when you aren't due for a pap smear test. Breast exams are not always indicated either.

You may choose sedation if you desire (please see your sedation options in the FAQ above).

Exam recommendations proven successful for those with trauma-induced anxiety:

  • Keep your eyes open to give the brain something else to focus on, as this keeps you grounded in the here and now and prevents you from drifting off somewhere else to an experience that isn't happening in the moment.
  • Squeezing the muscle between your thumb and index finger provides your brain an alternative sensation to focus your attention on.
  • Distract yourself by scrolling through pleasant things or enjoying a game on your phone.
  • Relax your muscles as much as possible trying to let your buttocks melt down onto the table. Exams are much faster and more comfortable when there is less muscle tension and clenching.
  • Remember, You Are in Control.
  • If you say Stop, then we Stop.

Exams are on your timeline and we start only when you are ready.

What options do you offer for hormone replacement therapy?

Dr. Tomlinson believes that perimenopausal and menopausal symptom treatment can powerfully enhance your wellness and your quality of life.  She ONLY prescribes bioidentical hormones. Treatment can be delivered in many different ways. 

Traditional prescription estrogen and progesterone can be sent to your local pharmacy like Walgreens. Both consultation and medications are generally covered by your medical insurance.

Compounded hormone creams and troches can be specially-mixed. Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormone choices are available. The consultation is usually covered by insurance, while the medication itself is self-pay.

Bioidentical hormone pellets (from BioTe) are a way to powerfully elevate your body’s hormone levels to where people may feel their very best.  They are inserted in the clinic and generally last for 2-5 months. This is a self-pay service. 

Do you provide testosterone treatment for men?

Yes we do!  We provide BioTe testosterone pellets for men.  They are inserted in clinic and generally last for 3-6 months.

What lab options do you offer?

We draw your blood or collect your sample and then send it to Labcorp for testing. You may choose 2 different ways to pay for your lab work:


You can pay up-front for lab work to be completed. You wil know the exact price of this approach and pay your bill at the time of your office visit. This approach cannot be billed to your insurance. You may submit the cost to your insurance company yourself if you desire.


The amount you pay for the lab work-up depends on your insurance company's contract with Labcorp, your deductible, and other factors Dr. Tomlinson is not in control of. Unfortunately you will not know the cost to you until your bill arrives.

Here is the link to Labcorp's website that may help answer questions related to testing costs and approaches to billing.

What are your fees?

We strive to provide fair and reasonable pricing for our patients.

Some services are required to be self-pay including hormone pellets, nitrous sedation, and some other procedures.

Email us at or text us at 970.271.1102 if you would like a quote for self-pay visits.

How to I share past lab results and medical records with your office?

Please use our patient portal for all secure document communications, called the Charm Wellness Center. Here are the steps to share your medical history documents:

  1. Login to your account, or set up a new account at
  2. Click on "Documents" on the left menu
  3. Click on "Upload" and select the documents you're sharing
  4. Give the system a moment to upload the documents and then click on the "Share" button on the upper right

Please upload any relevant medical records and lab results to the "documents" section in the patient portal prior to your appointment if you have them available.